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Shortguy014's Whitelist Application

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Shortguy014's Whitelist Application

Post  shortguy014 on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:42 am

Hi, I'm shortguy and I've been playing Minecraft for a while, and Im looking for small community to settle down in.

*What is your in-game name? shortguy014 (the s is lowercase)
*How often will you be playing? Very often, I'm on holidays
*How old are you and where are you from? Sixteen, and I'm from Australia
*Will this be your primary server? If not, what is your main playing server? Yes
*Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft server? If so, why? No
*What have you built in the past? This can be from singleplayer or another minecraft server. Strip mines, castles, the usual
*Do you agree with the rules? Yes
*Do you prefer to use a mic to talk or write in game. Write, my voice sounds high
*Do you like pie? What a stupid question... (Obviously yes Very Happy)
*Would You Donate 5$(optional To Donate)? Depends how close I get to the server
Please make sure what is suppose to be capitalized is for IGN thanks.
You Will Be Getting A Private Message If Accepted

Thanks, shortguy


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