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White list Application: JungleThing

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White list Application: JungleThing

Post  JungleThing on Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:10 am

White list Application:

*What is your in-game name?

*How often will you be playing?
Short time during weekdays, maybe more active on weekends.

*How old are you and where are you from?
am 20, currently living in Burnaby started to study game programming at AIVancouver. I'm Taiwanese origin.

*Will this be your primary server? If not, what is your main playing server?
If it's good yes Smile

*Have you ever been banned from another Minecraft server? If so, why?

*What have you built in the past? This can be from singleplayer or another minecraft server.
Typical houses, big houses, bigger houses, 40x40 sphere, currently working on floating landscape...I do enjoy the survival aspect of the game.

*Do you agree with the rules?

*Do you prefer to use a mic to talk or write in game.
i can do both

*Do you like pie?

*Would You Donate 5$(optional To Donate)?
if the server is good Smile


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